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For me life is about creativity and exploration and I have spent the great majority of my adulthood in pursuit of new means of expression and the discovery of different cultures. I write prose, both fiction and non-fiction. My work is inspired by a variety of powerful thinkers such as George Orwell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hunter S. Thompson and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Through my work, I attempt to blend realism with existentialism and the result is a political satire that questions the morality of the modern world.

Tattooed Man

Reason and Rationality (in Tumultuous Times)

Reason and Rationality is a book that explores the socio-economic and political effects of capitalism in modern times; how living within a neoliberal paradigm impacts our democracy, our institutions, our standard of living, our relationships and our lives as a whole.

Generation Z and the millennial generation alike face a future more uncertain than anything which has come before. I refer to us as “Generation Apocalypse,” as we have come to age in a time of great endings; the terminal point to the last fruits of capitalism; the collapse in the legitimacy of white, patriarchal plutocrats; the slow demise of Pax Americana; the sixth mass extinction and the death rattle of our natural world.

For us, there is little left to hope or wish for in the future; even the prospect of a secure job, or owning a home have become fairy-tale dreams, as the looming dilemma of climate change and the turbulent nature of our inherently corrupt economic system are threatening to destroy us all.

Although written before the Covid-19 crisis, the topics raised in this text are still as pertinent as ever and it is imperative for our survival as a species that we begin to address them. We have a choice to make now; continue to watch the circus that swirls all around us, expanding in size and intensity as our problems exacerbate, or use what’s left of our reason (and rationality) to move past these, the most tumultuous, of times.

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The Schizo

The Schizo is a short novel which examines themes of mental disintegration, isolation and the struggle to maintain a facade of normalcy in the midst of a dysfunctional, uncaring and increasingly volatile society.
Emboldened by a sense of injustice at the hands of an economic system that has failed him, his family and everyone around him, Matheo de Verrier is a man on a mission and he will stop at nothing to have his voice heard.  He believes he has the answer to the ever-burning mystery of the human condition and, although the odds are stacked against him, he is not afraid to sacrifice everything, (even his own mind) for the cause of collective enlightenment.

Man Walking Through Passage

Chattel Rising

This is a narrative that explores themes of unemployment and social exclusion within the crony-capitalist regime.

The city of Alta Moralidad is a place where these themes play out in extremity, where wealth inequality is a matter of principle and poverty and unemployment are crimes punishable by incarceration and forced labour.

Two best friends, Adamiak Dubrovsky and Richmond Wallace, take different approaches to navigating this highly discriminative system. Richmond has faith in the government and believes that the workers serve a greater purpose in maintaining the momentum of a society driven by noble service. Adamiak, however, attempts, in his own little way, to fight back and make those around him see the chains of their own enslavement.

Chattel Rising is a stark depiction of the struggle to live a peaceful existence within the confines of a brutal totalitarian regime. It begs the question of why the majority of people must submit to oppression in order for a tiny elite to live in the lap of luxury and continue to reign over humanity with an iron fist.

The Bread and Circus Society

Several characters in Ireland from varying socio-economic backgrounds play witness to the revolutionary transformation which unfolds in the year 2025. The powers-that-be create a new system of control via an intelligent micro-chip pre-aptly called the “Serf-Gene”, which ensures total obedience to an increasingly totalitarian government in a time when economic development has stagnated and life for the majority of people has become more difficult and unbearable than ever.

As the new system is unleashed by the presiding government, a select few Dubliners decide to resist the coming changes and by-so-doing create a violent backlash that reduces the country into a bloody civil war. 

Consisting of five parts, the book follows the devolution of society as technocrats attempt to seize the little power and autonomy the citizens have left.

We follow an eclectic selection of personalities as the question of how technology may be abused by those up on high in order to monitor and control the population they preside over is examined and explored.

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

                                                                                                                                          J. R. R. Tolkien

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