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What is RÊVE?

RÊVE is a social media platform which enables private communication between individuals or groups who wish to take action and stand up against the corporate state, protest and demonstrate in order to facilitate the change that governments globally cannot or will not provide. 

It is a website designed to connect those who consider themselves revolutionaries, or who simply want to speak truth to power; who are tired of playing the role of the downtrodden; ignored and trampled upon by the global elite, and who care about a wide variety of issues, including climate justice, labour rights, ending corporate corruption, wealth inequality and wars of aggression.

 RÊVE is open to any person regardless of race, sexuality or gender and the only rule is to respect the human rights of other members.


Whether you want to start a movement in your community, form a club, chat with like-minded people or champion causes, RÊVE is the platform for you! 

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"People, families, and communities can only take so much abuse before they rise
up to resist. The job of the rulers is always to find that line and provide the lowest level of pay, security, housing, consumer protection, healthcare, and political access for society so that they can extract and hoard the greatest amount of wealth, power, and immunity from justice for themselves."

Ralph Nader, Breaking Through Power


You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

Who is RÊVE for?

Anyone, anywhere in the world with a cause to champion that does not hurt any other animal, being or the planet.

What services are available?

On RÊVE you can

  • chat to fellow members on instant messenger.

  • organize movements.

  • operate in relative secrecy.

  • organize events and peaceful protests.

  • promote causes you care about.

  • share your artistic work.

  • share information and news.

How can I join?

RÊVE is a very simple platform with a layout much like Facebook. It only requires a username and email address and no other information is required or advisable. 

Is it free?

Yes! RÊVE is free and always will be. We will be accepting donations via Patreon and maintenance funds via corporate-free advertising - only NGOs, charities and other such organizations will be allowed to advertise and, since your info is private, it will not be personally targeted to anyone.


Noam Chomsky

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  • Manufacturing Consent

  • Profit over People

  • How the World Works

  • Requiem for the American Dream

Chris Hedges

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  • Empire of Illusion

  • War is a Force that Gives us Meaning

  • America: the Farewell Tour

Naomi Klein

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  • The Shock Doctrine

  • No Logo

  • This Changes Everything

Paul Mason

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  • Live Working or Die Fighting

  • Postcapitalism: a Guide to our Future

  • Why it's Kicking off Everywhere

Ralph Nader

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  • Breaking Through Power

  • Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us

  • The Seventeen Solutions

Nomi Prins

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  • All the President's Bankers

  • The Best way to Rob a Bank is to Own One

Howard Zinn

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  • A People's History of the United States

  • You Can't be Neutral ona Moving Train

Michael Hudson

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  • J is for Junk Economics

  • Killing the Host

Other Important Works

  • Postcards from the End of America

  • Democracy Inc.

  • The Precariat

  • Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea

  • Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity

  • Marx, Capital Vol I, II, III

  • Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

  • Neoli

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