• D. K. Blaire

Trump and the Triumph of Ultra-Capitalism

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

The latest edition of the ongoing (and relentless) Trump Catastrophe has presented us with an eclectic list of reasons to recoil from the world of politics once more, hanging our heads in mourning of the guise of respectability that the “Next Top President” reality TV show once managed to maintain.

Although we initially tuned in with sardonic humor and cackled at this clown tripping himself up upon the world stage, it seems that the laughter has now died down, leaving us with nothing but a ringing silence in the realization that his crazy antics and wild buffoonery could end up costing us all severely.

Long gone are the quaint notions that politicians have the best interest of the people they represent at heart, yet at least before we could still hold fast to the idea that they “knew what they were doing.” Donald Trump has to torn this illusion to pieces, while also exposing how seedy and unscrupulous the crony-capitalist regime has become.

The latest outrage (in the endless series of outrages) has been the most disgusting and simultaneously the most revealing of this entire debacle thus far. His fundraising campaign for 2020 at his own hotel on Pennsylvania avenue, costing a whopping $35,000 a seat, has demonstrated the kind of audacity from the upper classes that we have not seen since the Gilded Age.

While millions of Americans suffer within this oligarchy and millions more worldwide struggle against this global economic and military regime, President Donald is giving the plain old-fashioned middle finger to the masses in a brazen display of greed and self-delusion that should make all freedom-loving people worldwide see red.

Trump has revealed to us the mindset of the billionaire class and the dark, callous underbelly of capitalism which thus far has managed to continue on unabated and undisturbed for far too long.

He is both the spokesman and the unabashed mascot for the marriage between big money and government and, unlike those who have come before him, he sees no reason to pretend otherwise.

His outright impudence has backed us all in a corner with nowhere left to hide from the fact that this is a system for the rich, by the rich who would gladly follow a fool to their own graves, than redistribute a dollar of the wealth they have (with the help of D.C.) acquired.

Corruption is so widespread, so prevalent, and so deeply embedded into the system that they don’t even bother to hide it anymore. The idea of truth itself is under attack, so that no logic, no morals and no sense of justice can sway them from their path of gluttony.

For months people the world over have been asking themselves, “Who is this slovenly, misogynistic, loud-mouth monster who has captured the white house throne?”

Well now we know — It is the champion of Ultra-Capitalism; the brutish, snarling countenance of a system that (quite ignorantly) no longer fears the contempt of the masses.

Donald Trump and his administration of bloodhounds represent the worst that human nature has to offer. In Freudian terms, it would seem as if the ID had taken control, crushing the Ego and the Superego into oblivion. It is the Mr Hyde murdering Dr Jekyll and using his corpse like a ventriloquist dummy. It is the darkest and most depraved animal instincts of humanity superseding all sense of decency and civility.

On a positive note, however, now that the mammoth of Ultra-Capitalism has finally been shown for what is truly is, people worldwide are undoubtedly waking up to the hypocrisies and the atrocities that have been consistent in the maintenance of US hegemony for the past forty years or more.

Perhaps, for an audience tired of rampant inequality and blatant militarism, this is the clown to end all clowns, the frenzy to end all frenzies, the circus to end all circuses, the orgies to end all orgies…

Then again…..perhaps not.

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